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我們透過 Facebook, Twitter 免費傳送中文字詞,儘量於星期一~星期五每日傳送 5 篇中文中英文對照/中日文對照字詞;1 篇國文考古題/成語。 那麼星期五、星期六呢? 當然輕鬆一下,不吵你了。^_^

我们透过 Facebook, Twitter 免费传送中文字词,尽量于星期一~星期五每日传送 5 篇中文中英文对照/中日文对照字词;1 篇国文考古题/成语。 那么星期五、星期六呢? 当然轻松一下,不吵你了。 ^_^

Hello,there! We deliver free Chinese words or phrases through Facebook and Twitter. We try to send you 5 Chinese-English and Chinese-Japanese vocabularies and phrases from Monday to Friday. How about Saturday and Sunday? Come on! Relax! we won't bother you and enjoy your weekend! ^_^


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